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Weitere Voransicht

Ramos Rodriguez, Diego (arr.)

Sonorous - Music for Two Horns - Notenausgabe

für 2 Hörner eingespielt auf CD von Saar Berger und Rune Brodahl

Besprechnung der CD Sonorous bei HR2 in der Sendung "Kulturzeit" besprochenSONOROUSEvery notation is, in itself, the transcription of an abstract idea(Ferruccio Busoni). A score does notretain the absolute truth about a musical work, it rather serves as astarting point for its various possiblerealisations. The first arrangement of a piece of music occurs when thecomposer writes the ideas downon paper. Moreover, every performance is in itself also an arrangement in awider sense, a collaborationbetween instrument, player and score which transports the music from thepaper to the ears of the listenerand thus transforms its substance while trying to keep its essence intact.The great pianist, composer and arranger Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji said thata good arrangment expounds,enlarges and amplifies matter and thought that has been left [...] todiscover and reveal. WhatI find exciting about this is that it opens the possibility to engage in adialogue on equal terms with thecomposer, where I can get to know the composer's music and tools, explorewhatever meaning they haveto me and pass this meaning on to the performers. It is a task that requiressubtlety, refinement, imaginationand authenticity and an important challenge as a composer.When Saar Berger and Rune Brodahl asked me to arrange the Chaconne forthem, I immediately thoughtabout some questions Bach and his contemporaries had to deal with threehundred years ago: in order tobe able to write complex harmonies and rich polyphonic counterpoints for onesingle melodic instrument,they transformed the diagonal playing techniques of the lute and adaptedthem to the violin and itsfamily among others. The technical limitations of the instruments were not ahurdle to overcome, but a

Horn → Ensemble → 2 Hörner

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