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Fauré, Gabriel (arr. Jean-Louis Couturier)

Two Duos Op. 10

für 2 Trompeten in C und Klavier

"Puisqu'ici-bas toute âme...." and Tarentelle

What is very important about FAURÉ is : Fauré's work is a transitional work.
He first embraced a romantic language. Then, he brought important harmonic
innovations. Without Fauré's audacious work, Ravel and Debussy 's works
cannot be understood. Fauré must be considered as a 19th century musician,
and a classic musician from the 20th century, too. When he was born in 1845,
life conditions were almost the same as in the 18th century. When he died in
1924, modernism is very present : Picasso is 43 years old and Varese is
composing Octandre. (Fauré is the one who, as Paris Conservatory Director,
who validates Edgar Varese's admission).

Trompete → Ensemble → 2 Trompeten und Klavier

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