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Tychinski, Bruce

Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir, Volume Two: Octets

Trombone Octet

Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir, Volume Two: Octets by Bruce Tychinski is
appropriate for high school through professional trombone players.

Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir is divided into two volumes: Volume One is
quartets and Volume Two is octets. The two volumes contain completely
different exercises and are both intended for use by trombone choirs of all
sizeschamber ensembles and large choirs doubling, tripling, or even
quadrupling the parts. The warm-ups focus largely on harmony and balance in
the choir, but there are also exercises that address specific concepts such
as modulations, tone clusters, and bell tones. By beginning each rehearsal
with a few of these fun, short exercises, your choir will be focused,
listening to one another, and the overall group sound will steadily improve
from one week to the next.

"Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir by Bruce Tychinski is a must for all trombone
choirs. It deals with harmony and balance between parts and includes a
tremendous quantity of musical examples for technical control of the music.
Highly recommended!" - John Marcellus, Professor of Trombone (retired),
Eastman School of Music

Score (48 pages) and eight parts (6 pages each)

Posaune → Ensemble → 4 Posaunen

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