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Weitere Voransicht

Strauss, Richard/ Malmstrom

Eine Alpensinfonie (Auszüge)

8 Posaunen

1 Altposaune
5 Tenorposaunen
2 Bassposaunen

Eine Alpensinfonie is Strauss's final and largest scale tone poem. Composed in 1915 (during WWI) Strauss puts into music his feelings of joy and mystery about the glory of nature, especially the mountains. He so loved the mountains that he built a home in the Bavarian Alps with stunning views.

The original work is scored for an enormous orchestra of at least 125 musicians and is about 50 minutes in length. This fantastic 6-minute arrangement by Randall Malmstrom, appropriate for advanced performers is for an 8-part Trombone Ensemble (1 alto, 5 tenors, and 2 bass trombones) and features excerpts from the work that highlight the trombone section's glorious chorals.

Posaune → Ensemble → 6 und mehr Posaunen

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