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Irvine, Gregory (Hrsg.)

Arnold Jacobs Legacy - Advice for developing Brass Players

This is a terrific new publication about the life and work of the late Arnold
Jacobs and will serve as a valuable guide to the developing brass player as
well as a refresher read for those already familiar with Jacobs's work.
Written by Dr. Gregory B. IrvineAssociate Professor at the University of
Prince Edward Island and former Tuba with the Hamilton Philharmonic
Orchestrathis work includes interviews with Rex Martin, Vincent Cichowicz,
Frank Crisafulli, Edward Kleinhammer, and Dale Clevenger among others.

Irvine explores Jacobs's basic pedagogical concepts paying special attention
to their application to all brass instruments. Concepts such as the
embouchure, proper respiration, articulation, vowel studies, and posture are
covered. With a foreword written by Chuck DaellenbachTuba of the Canadian
Brass Quintetfirst hand accounts of Jacobss teaching, and Irvines clear
and reader friendly writing, this work will prove invaluable for any brass

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