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Lieberman, Julie Lyonn

Twelve- Key Practice

The Path to Mastery & Individuality

Designed for All Instruments & All Styles in Triple Clef

Imagine if you could HEAR a musical phrase, VISUALIZE its layout on your
instrument by seeing and feeling the fingerings and/or embouchure in your
mind's eye, KNOW the names of the notes as well as the degrees of the key and
FEEL the dynamics you want to include. All simultaneously, in a millisecond,
and without moving a muscle ... and in any key! Welcome to the twelve-key
approach for all instruments and levels. Twelve-key practice applies the
latest breakthroughs in brain biomechanics to facilitate technical mastery.
Practicing in all twelve keys has never been sequenced or taught through the
lens offered within these pages. The exercises in this book span a number of
styles, brain skills and practice technique - all presented using a
kaleidoscopic learning style. Julie Lyonn Lieberman's previous eight books
and six DVDs have garnered rave reviews from a wide array of music magazines
as well as renowned musicians from aroudn the world

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