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Loubriel, Luis E.

Brass Singers - The Teaching of Arnold Jacobs

Specifically written for brass players, Brass Singers delivers the main
tenets found in Arnold Jacobss teaching. While Jacobs customized his
teaching to fit his students special developmental needs, this book aims at
presenting his teaching concepts so they can be understood by brass
aficionados, advanced students, and professionals.

Luis E. Lobriel has taken special care in transcribing, editing, and
structuring the information from recorded lessons and master classes--given
from 1967 to 1998--to create an easy-to-follow narrative. As such, this book
stands out as a valuable contribution to the brass performance and
pedagogical literature.

Brass Singers: The Teaching of Arnold Jacobs (paperback)

Arnold Jacobss thoughts on wind pedagogy resonate as well today as they did
when I first heard them from the master in 1982. While a number of previous
books approach his biography and pedagogy, Luis E. Loubriels new work takes
a fresh tack on organizing and presenting this significant material.
Loubriel organizes his presentation and the book flows with clarity. Each
chapter begins with a list of bulleted highlights that represent key
concepts. Chapters devoted to Jacobss pedagogical approach, skills and
drills, and artistic concepts are now augmented by Loubriels reflections on
the masters development and evolution as a teacher. Brass Singers concludes
with seven appendices, representing years of transcribed Jacobs lectures
organized by topic. Brass Singers offers both Loubriels understanding of
the subject after decades of research as well as Jacobs own words. The book
unquestionably represents an important new step in the ever-evolving
interpretation of Arnold Jacobss contribution to the last half century of
wind pedagogy. Dr. Bruce C. Briney, Professor of Music - Western Illinois

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