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Norgard, Per


5 Kornette/ 3 Pos/ Electronics

Dauer: 15 min
Musaic was composed in 1969 for the inauguration of Edition Wilhelm Hansens new branch in Århus, Jutland. Short movements for brass were intermittently heard on the street. In the concert hall all the movements were however heard - also the ones already played; by means of a continuous tape individual fragments of the ´street music´ were gradually collected into one concluding, uninterrupted piece lasting all in all 10 minutes, a mus(a)ic/muza(i)k&
A synthesis can be heard on a CD from 2007 (by the Brass Ensemble of The Royal Danish Conservatory, Jutland), with the note that the work might be much longer when performed live.

Brass Ensemble → Brass Oktette

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