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Feld, Jindrich

Quintette - Stimmensatz


Jindrich Feld was a leading Czech composer whom musicologists have described as a musician who was close to his own generation. He came to prominence with his 1955 radio opera A Fairytale about Budulinkove, which was followed by a children's opera The Postman's Tale in 1956.

Feld's Quintette, composed in 1972, is a significant major work for brass quintet. Its four movements are both subtle and obvious in motivic relationships. Although the Scherzo movement contains a twelve-tone row, the work is in no way a strict serial composition. The Annapolis Brass Quintet's 1976 album Quintessence (Crystal Records S206) included the premiere recording of Quintette by Jindrich Feld.

Brass Ensemble → Brass Quintette

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