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Clarke, Herbert L. (ed. Larry Clark)

Clarke Studies Revisited

für Trompete Solo


The Herbert L. Clarke Technical Studies for the Cornet has served many
generations of trumpet players as the seminal book for the improvement of
technical facility on the instrument. In an effort to introduce these great
studies to less experienced trumpetists, Larry Clark has reorganized the
studies in a key-centered approach to let developing players get comfortable
with the studies in the easier keys first before moving on to more
challenging ones. All of the studies are organized by key starting with the
key of C major/A minor and moving on to one flat, one sharp, two flats, two
sharps, etc., with the exception of the tenth study that focusses on grace
notes. The eight etudes have been placed near the back of the book.

Trompete → Etüden

Bestellnummer: E1888

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