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Colin, Alan/ Pilafian, Sam

Contemporary Etudes für Posaune

This book illustrates the very difficult harmonic and rhythmic phrases written
by many today's contemporary composers.

While at Indiana University, Allan Colin studied with Alban Berg and Milton
Babbitt, opening his mind to avant-garde music. At the suggestion of his
composition teacher, Bernhard Heiden, he started to develop 12 tone etudes
for brass.

Now, thanks to the encouragement of Jimmy Maxwell and Sam Pilafian, (mega
artists at our mid-town practice studios) Allan attempted a book that,
incorporating the above, would be relevant for the professional musician
dealing more and more with contemporary music of today.

Additionally influenced by one of his favorite books, Developing Sight
Reading by Gaston Dufresne and Roger Voisin, Allan has attempted to offer
some sight reading material with an entirely different sound than what youve
seen in our other brass method books.

Posaune → Etüden

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