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Kase, Chris

Arpeggiare: Practical Chordal Exercises for Trumpet

für Trompete

Arpeggiare: Practical Chordal Exercises for Trumpet by Chris Kase is
appropriate for high school through professional trumpet players.

Arpeggiare is a systematic approach to learning arpeggios in all keys and in
all registers. Classical and jazz trumpeters alike will benefit from these
studies because they promote recognition of intervallic relationships leading
to improved listening skills. In addition, Arpeggiare will help you acquire
an aural understanding of the difference in tone color among the various
chord qualities (i.e. major, minor, diminished).

Many preparatory exercises with expert commentary are included here, so that
any questions a student might have are expertly answered in the text. This
book also features etudes for B-flat or C trumpets, some in duet form,
superbly composed by Chris, which emphasize the practice of arpeggios of all
types, in all keys, and in many different contexts. The etudes are written in
both jazz and classical idioms, so this book is equally suited for players of
all styles and will help build trumpet technique in any musical genre.
Additionally, this book includes downloadable audio content that features
both full performances and play-along tracks. In this way, you can hear how
the studies should be played, as well as having backing tracks with which to
practice. Piano accompaniment parts for the classical etudes are included so
these pieces can be rehearsed and performed in a live context as well. I
recommend this book to any trumpet player who wants to improve his or her
overall trumpet technique. Well conceived and well done, Chris! - Randy
Brecker, International Trumpet Soloist and Recording Artist

"In Arpeggiare, Chris Kase offers a true cornucopia of studies designed to
increase your harmonic vocabulary. The multi-faceted means of presentation
assures the player of an inspired environment in which to dig through and
benefit from this venture. All that is needed is sustained and purposeful
application to broaden the musicianship of the dedicated student of the art."
- Rob Roy McGregor, Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic (retired)

"Chris Kase's latest book, Arpeggiare, is in my opinion one of the few
methods written in recent times that really brings something new to our
instrument. Recommended for trumpeters of any style who want to improve their
technique (articulation, range, flexibility, fingering) and harmonic
knowledge about the music they play. In addition, practice is enjoyable
thanks to the audio downloads, which give you the opportunity to hear how the
studies and duos are to be interpreted, as well as the chance to play with
fantastic musicians without leaving the practice room. Where J.B. Arbans
arpeggios end, Arpeggiare begins." - Alfonso González Barquín, Trumpet
Soloist, Brussels Philharmonic, Professor of Orchestral Repertoire and
Baroque Trumpet, Musikene (San Sebastián, Spain)

"Chris Kases Arpeggiare provides us with arpeggio exercises of all varieties
and tonalities. Their rigorous study is rewarded with increased technical
fluency, as well as harmonic knowledge of the chord types used in both
classical music and jazz. Fun yet technically demanding, these exercises help
us to improve our mastery of the instrument as well as more general music
concepts. Arpeggiare is increasingly becoming an important part of my own
practice. Highly recommended." - Luis Gonzaléz, Former Principal Trumpet,
Madrid Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Classical Trumpet, Musikene (San
Sebastián, Spain)
191 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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