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Madsen, Peter

iWarmUp for Tenor Trombone

für Tenorposaune

iWarmUp for Tenor Trombone by Pete Madsen is appropriate for high school
through professional trombonists.

Jazz up your practice routine! iWarmUp provides a platform for practicing
fundamentals including long tones, lip slurs, articulation, high range, and
low rangeaccompanied by a jazz rhythm section. These seven routines, one for
each day of the week, are designed to be played with accompaniment by the
iReal Pro app (sold separately), but you can also reap the benefits by simply
playing the exercises with a good old-fashioned metronome.

Beginning students can play the easier exercises at a slower tempo and skip
the hard ones, while the most advanced college students and professionals can
challenge themselves appropriately with faster tempos on the more difficult
excerpts. iWarmUp can also be used in a group setting. No jazz experience is
needed in order to use iWarmUp, which provides a change of pace for classical
trombonists. Hard core jazzers will immediately recognize the methods
applicability to their craft.

Pick and choose from the excerpts that you enjoy and benefit from the most,
omitting certain exercises of your choice if you are crunched for time on a
given day. Improvise a chorus or two using the pitches in the exercise as a
guide. Best of all, create your own custom iWarmUp chapter for that big solo
youve got coming up on the next jazz band concertand dont forget to have

You may purchase the iReal Pro app by clicking here.

Once you have purchased the app, click here to import the pre-programmed
iWarmUp set list.

Dr. Pete Madsen has given us something to celebrate! iWarmUp
enthusiastically embraces the digital revolution, while highlighting brass
fundamentals which we all hold dear. As technology increasingly benefits and
distracts, it is up to us to take command of this dizzying pace of change.
Dr. Madsen's enlightened pathway provides guideposts to highly concentrated,
multifaceted productivity, using powerful tools simply unimaginable a
generation ago.

I'm particularly impressed with how his innovative daily routine creatively
reinforces pitch and rhythm, the two non-negotiables necessary for
advancement during blind auditions. I'm also delighted that Dr. Madsen
includes essential jazz standards trombonists the world over should know like
the "backs of their slides." iWarmUp is truly empowering...the future is
ours! - Harry Watters, Jupiter/XO Artist

80 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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