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Weitere Voransicht

Mase, Raymond

Extended Flexibility

for trumpet and other valved brass instruments

Extended Flexibility

The artistic biography of Raymond Mase, chair of the brass department of the
well known Juilliard School in New York since 1991 is eloquent and inspires
rightly reliability.

Extended Flexibility is the work of a wise, great performer who proposes
unusual paths to progress, which will be very helpful for many musicians,
student or professional, in order to discover new feelings and awareness.
These exercises should prove to be of great value in developing instrumental
technic and freedom in musicianship.

The different chapters guides the performer to refine his physical sensations
in order to master his instrument with flexibility, calm and in a clever way
instead of fighting tooth and nail, with rage.


I am really pleased that Editions Bim has decided to publish Raymond Mase's
work. He is not only one of the best trumpet player/teachers around but is
also a superb musician. Bravo!

Thomas Stevens, Los Angeles.

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