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Reijngoud, Ilja

22 Melodic Etudes for Trombone and Low Brass

für Posaune

40 pages melodious etudes for classical and jazz players.
Inspired by Sonates and Suites od J.S. Bach, Heinrich Biber, and G.Senon with
additional Jazz related Vocalises

The River knows it all
Never alone
Stella for Studying
Lost friend
The art of Moz
Th efinal stroke of keys
Study by Starlight
Unten am Bach
Chromatix and the Roman agent
The big jump
Hymn for Horace
Andalusian interval
How high is the sky
Parker and the Jotter Steels
Little steps
Someday (my princess will come)
The sweetest dreams
Spanish heart
Dr. Biber
Little Greek bird
The works
Toutes les choses

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