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Sachse, Ernst

100 Transposition Etudes for Trumpet

Ernst Sachse (composer), Michael Sachs (editor)
Trumpet in B` (All Trumpets)
Piccolo Trumpet in B`
Trumpet in F
Trumpet in E
Trumpet in E`
Trumpet in D
Trumpet in C
Trumpet in A

Since its initial publication c.1850, Ernst Sachses 100 Etudes for Trumpet has been one of the cornerstones of trumpet pedagogy. The study of etudes originally written for other instrumental idioms has long been a strategy for overcoming difficulties on any given instrument. While Sachse created many of his own etudes, he also adapted a number of studies by Georg Kopprasch (originally for Horn) and Franz Wilhelm Ferling (originally for Oboe).

This collection of etudes was originally written for low Ed or F trumpet. During the past century, these etudes have been used predominantly as transposition studies. Mastery of transposing skills on a variety of different keyed instruments is essential to becoming fluid in the trumpets notational language and navigating the vast orchestral repertoire.

As researched and edited by Michael Sachs, this uniquely updated volume includes history, practice instructions, commentary, and extensive transposition suggestions for each etude. Ernst Sachse 100 Transposition Etudes for Trumpet is a valuable resource for trumpet players of all levels.

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