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Turner, Kyle

Daily Routine and Warm Ups for Tuba - a Body and Mind Approach

für Horn in F und Klavier (horn & piano)

I am a busy freelance tuba player in New York City. New York is a walking
town. I often walk from job to job carrying my tuba(s) going up and down
subway stairs, going across town, sometimes covering miles a day. Let's face
it, I have to be in shape to do what I do.
By the time I get to the gig I am physically, mentally and aurally tired.
Sometimes I have to get it together quick. I need to be relaxed and focused.
I am going for the elusive "zone" that almost everyone has experienced in one
performance aspect or another. This "zone" is a balance of physical and
mental energies. It is a relaxed, yet strong and focused concept which helps
release our basic abilities to perform at our best.
This compilation of stretches and playing exercises is a sample of my daily
routine. They have helped get me into the "zone" after some of the worst
schlepping imaginable. Sometimes they vary depending on physical or time
factors. My approach combines Yoga with vocal instruction techniques. I have
tailor-made these to my needs. You may of course do the same.

***incudes original etudes for tuba by Kerry Turner***

Tuba → Etüden

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