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LIFT: Solos for Horn by Black Composers

Horn in F + Klavier (piano)

Genre: Baroque, Classical, Contemporary

Seeking to diversify horn repertoire and inspired by her students amid a global pandemic, Margaret McGillivray set out to inject beauty and justice into the world in a small way. Her frustrations soon led to:

LIFT: Solos for Horn by Black Composers

With piano accompaniment for each piece, this project culminated in 18 new arrangements or compositions for horn:


1. Friendship Source of Joy Ignatius Sancho/Katy Ambrose

2A. Menuetto in C J. Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges/Althea Talbot-Howard

2B. Menuetto in E-flat J. Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges/Althea Talbot-Howard

3. The American Girl Francis Johnson/Katy Ambrose

4. Deep River African American Spiritual/Samuel Coleridge-Taylor/Althea Talbot-Howard

5. Adagio Cantabile from Cinnamon Grove Suite R. Nathaniel Dett/Margaret McGillivray

6. Sympathy Florence Price/Margaret McGillivray

7. Wake Me Up Jasmine Barnes

8. A Stolen Moment Joel Collier (ASCAP)

9. Old St. John Mary D. Watkins

10. Stranger from the Wind Benjamin Horne

11. On the Uses of Quills Melika M. Fitzhugh

12. Eulogy Stewart Goodyear

13. Pan-Tones Mattea Williams

14. When Im Older Shanyse Strickland

15. The First Solo Flight David A. Eastmond

16. Tango No. 3 Dalian Bryan

17. Dahomey Passacaglia Althes Talbot-Howard

18. Pesadelos 1 (Nightmare 1) Jeff Scott

Horn → Klavier Alben

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