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Weitere Voransicht

Mozart, W.A. (Arr. John Ellis)

Konzert und Rondo Nr. 1 KV 412 (386b) für Horn Orchester

für Horn in D + Klavier (horn & piano) - Klavierauszug

1791 komponiert

mit neuüberarbeiteter, vereinfachter Klavierstimme

mit dem "langen" Rondo

A new experience in piano reductions, it is pianistic,
sounds well and is pleasant to play.
Why play more?

This new edition of the Horn Concerto KV 412 by W. A.
Mozart was actually conceived for the accompanists who,
for decades now have struggled with awkward piano reductions.
There is no getting around the fact that most horn players,
no matter how talented, will never have the opportunity
of playing this concerto with orchestra. It is therefore very
important that the piano part sounds well, is pianistic,
and is easily played for every horn teacher knows the trials
and tribulations of finding an accompanist for his or her

Horn → Klavier

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