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Davis, Charley

A Tribute to William Adam

Teachings and Routines- BASS cleff

Like a Rocket, in BASS CLEF

Venturing off to college can be a perilous undertaking. It is usually a time
of great promise, a chance to show ourselves and our family what we can
really do. But there is something also about it that is like falling out of
an airplane.

Yes, look at me go I can fall out of an airplane and spread my arms and
&&&. Well, hope for the best sometimes but commonly we are so pre-occupied
with all the new requirements that we dont have time to consider the dangers
or consequences. And oddly enough, thats probably a good thing. If you
could really perceive of all the things that could go wrong, youd be

An incredible amount of growth can happen in those short years its
practically as mind-blowing as the growth an infant makes in the first three
years of life. And its really important that as many people as possible can
go to college and get the benefit of the mind-stretching and
new-experience-laden sauce that it provides. Thats where the real critical
faculties are nurtured and independent thinking and analysis is begun.

All of this is potential. But the best result can only come from the inspired
teacher who you may have the good fortune to come across. For as confident as
we seem, as worldly as we would like think of ourselves, and as bravura as we
pretend to be, the early college student is a fragile piece of material.
When the student in this situation comes across a teacher who not only knows
what they are teaching but also really cares about getting through to the
student and helping them understand themselves and their world then you
have an extraordinary experience that shapes a lifetime.

These students then form a relationship of real trust and admiration with the
(possibly) first person outside their own family. They literally fall into a
second family and this one seemingly much more of their choice and not by
chance. (Of course neither family was just chance but we dont need to
labor the point).

Any group of musicians can easily come up with names of teachers they feel
very special about. Thank Heavens!! And for any given instrument practically
everyone knows of the most often-cited names.

William Adam is one of those names in the trumpet world. His list of
successful students is only surpassed by the list of his admirable qualities
as a teacher and human being. He was a guy who truly inspired his students in
many different ways and all of those who studied with him have a unique
shared experience that they honor for life.

It is especially to be appreciated by both his past students and those of us
who may not have studied directly with him, that Charley Davis has published
A Tribute to William Adam, his Teachings and his Routines.

In this extensive book, Charley has gathered and presents, not only Bill
Adams brew of musical materials, but specific instructions on playing them
and a great deal of biographical and anecdotal reports that flesh out the
atmosphere in which Adams did his teaching. This book could only be written
by Adams own students and their contributions to this work are a fitting
tribute to their admiration for the man.

Now, for BASS CLEF instruments having this source material made available is

100 pages, coil bound, with contributions by Robert J. Baca, Gary Cordell,
Diane Davis-Deckard, John Harbaugh, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Phil Jordan, James
OBanion, Dr. Karl Sievers, Robert Slack, Dr. George Tsoutsouris, and Gregory

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