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Everett, Micah

Low Brass Player's Guide to Doubling

für Tenorposaune

The Low Brass Players Guide to Doubling by Micah Everett is suitable for
high school through professional low brass players.

The Low Brass Players Guide to Doubling is a guide for low brass players who
wish to learn a different low brass instrument. By performing well on several
instruments, doublers become more complete musicians, regardless of the
instrument being played at any given moment. Taking up a secondary instrument
will introduce you to new composers, repertoire, and ideas that will enhance
your musicianship. Doubling necessitates more thoughtful playing and leads to
more thoughtful teaching; your resulting instruction becomes more effective
on every instrument you teach. Playing more instruments will also increase
your earning potential!

The Low Brass Players Guide to Doubling includes chapters devoted to: tenor
trombonists doubling on bass trombone; bass trombonists doubling on tenor
trombone; trombonists doubling on euphonium; trombonists doubling on tuba;
tuba players doubling on euphonium; euphonium and tuba players doubling on
trombone; alto trombone; contrabass trombone; bass trumpet; and cimbasso.
Also included are fingering charts, overtone series charts and targeted
fundamentals for each instrument. The targeted fundamentals are designed to
help players learn the new instrument efficiently by extracting fundamental
skills unique to the new instrument.

"This much needed book fills a gap for low brass players in what has become a
necessity for teachers and performers alike. At one time, doubling on brass
instruments was a rarity, but in today's world it is common to be passed over
if one doesn't play at least one double, and usually more than one. Micah
Everett and company tackle this issue in an organized, comprehensive, and
systematic manner. Each section gives the would-be doubler a great head start
over the traditional trial and error techniques of the past, and the
challenges presented by each instrument are thoroughly explained. From
motivation for doubling, to types and quality of instruments, to suggested
materials and practice techniques, this book is a winner." - Les Benedict,
Low Brass Artist

225 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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