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Roos, Martin

Alphorn for Kids - Melodies for beginners - englische Fassung

für Alphorn

Several years ago now I began to teach children who specifically wish to learn
only the alphorn how to play this unique and wonderful instrument.
As there were no beginners pieces that met their requirements at the time,
I became creative. From one lesson to the next I would compose a new song or
little exercise for my pupils, and you have now before you the collected
results of my endeavours.
At my courses, which are still always open to beginners, I have noticed that
adults, too, show close interest in this collection. As they, like the
children, have suffered from the lack of suitable repertoire
for their level, this little book may be able to fill that gap, too.
Thanks first and foremost to my pupils Anne Sophie, Joana and Annina,
without whom this collection would never have come into being;
to Andrea Kisch, who gave me no peace until it was released; and
to Hans-Jürg Sommer, who transcribed my handwriting into a legible
music notation. I am also grateful to Mirko Schacht and Gerhard
Höfer, whose drawings give this booklet its attractive appearance,
and to Norbert Clément and Dimitri Ashkenazy for the editing and
corrections of the French and English editions, respectively.

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