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Haydn, Joseph & Michael (Arr. Uri Rom)

Cadenzas to Horn Concertos

für Horn

Cadenzas to Horn Concertos by Joseph and Michael Haydn
The present publication encompasses cadenzas to four horn concertos by the
brother-composers Joseph and Michael Haydn. Among the four works, the
authenticity of only two
is ascertained:
Joseph Haydn's Horn Concerto in D Major, Hob.VIId:3, and Michael Haydn's
Serenade MH 86, from which the two-movement Concertino for Horn and Alto
Trombone is extracted. Of the other two works, the Horn Concerto MH
53/Hob.VIIb:4 has been ascribed in different sources to either composer, but
is possibly the work of yet another, unidentified composer.
Doubts exist also with regard to the authenticity of Michael Haydns Horn
Concertino MH 134. The cadences presented here were composed in conjunction
with a recording of all four works by the soloist PYemysl Vojta
and the Prague Haydn Ensemble conducted by Martin Petrák.
In his famous flute treatise of 1752, Johann Joachim Quantz writes regarding
the solo cadenza:
The aim of the cadenza is to surprise the unsuspecting listener at the end
of the piece and to leave behind some special impression.
With this in mind, I sought in the present set of cadenzas
supplied for Joseph and Michael Haydn's horn concertos to engage in an
original, unexpected dialogue with the musical material of the respective
movements. All cadenzas carefully observe the limited choice of notes
available on the natural horn written for by the Haydn brothers.

Horn → Solo

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