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Kenny, John

Pandora's Box

Solo Tenor Trombone

This piece is in effect a statement of the technical potential of the
trombone. As such it can be used as a 'circular warm-up', a 'check¡list' of
techniques for the player to study, or as the ground plan for a performance.
either solo, duo or ensemble.

If used as a warm-up, it is very important to begin in the middle with long
straight tones. The techniques developed in the past 30 years have been
dubbed 'extended techniques', and I believe that the ideaof extension is
essential to correct study of the contemporary repertoire; all brass playing
begins with the acquisition of a clear, controlled and centred long-tone. If
this basic material is not available then acquisition of advanced technique
is impossible.

All brass players need to pay life-long attention to long tone practice and
the preparation, articulation, support and termination of the single tone;
this is where we begin as a warm up.

As the lid of Pandora's Box is lifted all the ills which plague the
trombonist fly out. Will they defeat us or can we turn them to our good
advantage? Only by being aware of these techniques, and combining them with
our study and practice of conventional music, can we make a personal answer
to this question.

John Kenny

Posaune → Solo

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