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Turner, Kerry

Characters for Solo Horn

für Horn Solo

Scales, arpeggios, slurs, attacks, interval skips, extreme high and low
register playing, and extreme loud and soft dynamics are the usual routine
elements of most professional hornists' warmups. Indeed, certain schools
teach a very rigorous exercising of these elements, much the same way as an
athlete would maintain a vigorous workout routine every day. CHARACTERS for
Solo French Horn began as an etude, a search for the most comprehensive
warmup etude possible, an etude that would in a short amount of time cover
the entire spectrum of modern French Horn playing.
As is typical of my own particular warmup routine, I conceived of the opening
and closing as a simple melody. This was to establish the general purpose of
the horn -- to make music. I then assembled a collection of exercises, each
representing a different facet of my daily routine. The result, a lengthy
etude of short segmented exercises, resembled the final version only
slightly. Slowly, with each playing and with natural editing, a unifying of
the routine took place. What appeared was an array of extreme styles and
personalities, each representing a different aspect of the Horn's
multi-personalitied capabilities.
The first public hearing of the work was as an encore to a solo recital that
I gave in New York. It was at this performance that the piece received the
description as "Characters" by the citric; thus the title CHARACTERS for Solo
French Horn.
The piece should be presented as a sort of "Pictures at an Exhibition" for
solo horn. Although the performer has the liberty to play the piece freely,
most sections should maintain a clear pulse. Also, certain more difficult
passages have possible alternatives indicated.

Horn → Solo

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