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Smooth Groove - easy/ medium

für Tuba solo mit CD

im Baßschlüssel

Smooth Groove is, above all else, a FUN book. It embraces various styles of
playing from pop and rock, through to jazz and Latin American rhythms and
phrasing. It will be easy and enjoyable to relate to these catchy tunes,
whether played with the CD backing, or as a purely solo performance. Don't be
surprised if anyone listening starts to whistle or hum along with you!

The accompaniments created by Brian Humpherson attempt to capture the
excitement of the melodies by using modern harmonies and percussive effects,
typical of music enjoyed by young people today. The CD backing tracks, with
their strong rhythmic and harmonic support, make practice sessions fun,
whilst instilling motivation and the desire to perform.

Drive In " Flingaling " Mister Freddie " City Slicker " Brite'n' Rock " Feat
to Beat " Raggerty Waltz " American Smoothie " Popcorn " Senorita Rita "
Chickpea " Sink It " Brass and Tonic " In the Shade " Punch Lines " Wheeler
Dealer " Cucumber Cool " Red Chilli Sauce " Way Back Waltzer " Jam on Toast "
Bling " Like it Hot " Metal Roses " Honeycomb " Threepenny Piece " A Cat's
Tale " Rumba Number " Hard Man " Western Skies " Las Vegas " Boppin' Tonite "
Latin Lady " Big Band Swing " So What!

Tuba → Solo → mit Mitspiel-CD

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