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Goodwin, Gordon (Arr.)

Big Phat Band - Play-Along Series Vol. 2

für Trompete solo + Mitspiel-DVD

This version of Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Play-Along, Volume 2 for
Trumpet teaches the art of ensemble playing, as well as being a lead
trumpeter. The book and DVD kit features actual charts from Gordons recent
CDs, TNT 2 software and play-along tracks---and now, the full video content
from band member Wayne Bergerons instructional DVD, Playing Lead Trumpet.
The charts include swing tempos from medium to very fast, funk and Latin
grooves, and the video showcases Wayne performing excerpts from them. With
this comprehensive play-along, you will learn volumes of information about
style, phrasing, tone, dynamics, technique, articulation, playing in time,
chops, equipment, and improvisation!

Bernie Dresel Biography
Does This Chart Make Me Look Phat?
Gaining on You
Garaje Gato
Gordon Goodwin Biography
Howdiz Songo?
It's Not Polite to Point
Race to the Bridge
Rippin 'n Runnin'
That's How We Roll
Transcribed Trumpet Solos
Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Trompete → Solo → mit Mitspiel-CD

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