Posaune + Piano
Verlag: Edition SvitzerStil: ModerneArt-Nr.: K33250 Level: (4) 

The sonata was written in 2021, immediately following "Die Weihe der Nacht" for solo trombone, choir and string orchestra.

The work is not a sonata in the conventional sense, rather a sound piece (in the sense of the meaning of the word sonata), which nevertheless evokes reminiscences of things long past. Formal and stylistic breaks are intentional, as are "secondary quotations," i.e., quotations that give the appearance of being quotations but are not real quotations.

This can provoke both the listener and the performer to the conclusion that this is late or neo-romantic music. This statement, however, would be a fallacy. A predictable and intentional fallacy. Perhaps the work is a kind of film music without film. A music that creates an inner film, that creates inner images, both when listening and when playing.

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